Primrose of Mansfield Announces New Executive Director

Primrose LogoIMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 10, 2015

MANSFIELD, OH – Primrose Retirement Community of Mansfield has hired Marilyn Johnson to be their new Executive Director.  Johnson began her duties on September 3rd, and in this capacity, she will oversee the day-to-day operations of the community.

Johnson, who was the Primrose Sales Director for 2 ½ years prior to assuming the Executive Director role, says she is looking forward to the new opportunity.  “I am excited to be part of a caring team where our residents can be assured that they are always our top priority,” Johnson said.  “I am confident that, with the team we have assembled, we will have many fulfilling years to come at Primrose of Mansfield,” she added.

Marilyn Johnson

Marilyn Johnson

“We’re very excited to have Marilyn in her new role,” said Primrose Regional Operations Manager Jill Yetzer.  “Her enthusiasm and drive will help Primrose continue in our mission of providing an amazing experience for our incredible residents.  We’re confident that she and her team will do great things for Primrose of Mansfield.”

Primrose Retirement Community of Mansfield, located at 1301 Millsboro Road, currently consists of 14 townhome villas, 36 independent living apartments and 32 assisted living apartments.

Primrose Retirement Communities, L.L.C., headquartered in Aberdeen, South Dakota, provides high-quality independent and assisted living communities across the country and specializes in personalized services and resident-focused care.

For additional information, please contact Dan Smilloff, Communications Manager, at or by calling 605-226-3300 ext. 3982.

2 thoughts on “Primrose of Mansfield Announces New Executive Director

  1. Tim Johnson

    I am very proud of my wife Marilyn. Not just for accepting this Job, but for her reason for accepting it. We talked about it, and prayed about it. Marilyn said people come to Primrose to live the last years, months or even weeks of their life. They want to live that time in a beautiful place, and be happy living there. Her years of professional management experience will help her make this possible to all who come to Primrose Mansfield. She told me she knows that she now has an opportunity to help a lot of people, and that is what gets her excited about this new jpb.

    1. Dan Smilloff

      Tim, thank you for posting this. Marilyn will do a great job as ED. She has been such an asset to Primrose already, and as she grows in her new position, everyone at Mansfield Primrose will grow with her. Bless you guys.


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